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La Quinta Montes Molina

This Construction is representative of the eclectic architecture with neoclassical tendency of President Porfirio Diaz rein. Beautiful gardens and terraces. Fruit trees and beautiful flowers. Get to know the history of this house, its builders and the Montes Molina family.
Inside the Casa Museo Montes Molina, you can admire European furniture, Carrara marble floors, precious Baccarat and Murano crystal chandeliers, chime clocks, Art Deco pieces, porcelain and alabaster sculptures, this family chinaware and all kinds of furniture, ornaments and antiques.


The bathrooms and bathrooms preserve the elegance and European taste, a marked influence at that time. In the basement you will find the kitchen, laundry room, cellars, old cellar and utility rooms.

Built around 1902, and purchased by the Montes Molina family in 1915, this mansion has been preserved with the original furniture of that time, through four generations who have lived and still live in it.

The visitor who wants to be transported to Yucatan's golden age, must walk along the Paseo Montejo, the main avenue, and see the sumptuous constructions of wealthy landowners, henequen producers and merchants.

In Mérida this is the only house, of this kind, which has its doors open to the public.

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La Quinta Montes Molina